Should I Stay Or Should I Go? our working relationships, we sometimes find ourselves truly connected to those that we work with. After time we just can't imagine working with anyone else; no one else could even live up to your expectations of your current boss, right? This is especially true if you have been working closely with this person for an extended period of time. For many, this is even true with a supervisor, especially for those that have to work closely to that supervisor on a regular basis, such as a personal secretary, or even a co-manager of a retail establishment. If you find that you truly like your boss, and can be quite difficult if they are looking at leaving to another company/organization.

The reality however, is that if you were close enough with your old supervisor and you have the qualifications, you can easily communicate your desires to change jobs with them. In doing so, you may find that you are even able to make the move to the new company.

The big thing that you have to remember, is that just because it was great with your current company, doesn't mean it will be great at the new company. So, you really need to consider what you are doing before you actually make this type of a move. Here are some issues that you must answer before you decide to "Jump ship!":

1. What type of compensation package will the new organization offer me? Just because I enjoy working for my current boss, doesn't mean that I will love working for the new "team!"

2. Will having no seniority affect you at the new job negatively?

3. Will you be losing any benefits that are important to you by making the switch? Maybe you will be gaining some new benefits that you didn't have in your old position/organization.

4. Are you going to have a similar job with similar responsibilities or are you going to have to learn something completely new? Can you be happy with this new career?

5. Will this new job require that you commute further? Could you possibly telecommute part of the time during the week? Would your new superior allow you do participate?

6. Can you move up in this position or get raises? Without any vertical movement, your old position could be substantially better than the new one.

In my situation, my boss is actually retiring. Carl came to lead our hospital marketing function several years ago. Carl is one of those "One-of-a-kind" bosses. Visionary, challenging, stimulating, funny, the best boss you will ever have the opportunity to work alongside, not to mention VERY connected throughout the healthcare marketing world. Unfortunately Carl is leaving our Marketing department and retiring. He is not the type of sit at home and watch the clouds sail by. With the contacts that Carl has in the healthcare marketing world, Carl will bring all of them together for the next chapter of his life. As sad as it is today to hear Carl announce that he was retiring to us in our meeting this morning . . . I know that Carl is very happy and proud and would like to see EACH of us "Sprout our wings" and take it to the next level . . . Doing that would make Carl a very, very happy person and proud of his "teammates". Thank you Carl for your mentoring, your direction, your guidance, your praise, and your suggestions. We all will become better employees and teammates because of you!

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